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Work Trip

Holy smokes, it’s late
The boss talked all frickin’ night
Let’s blame the cocktails

R and R Rift

Back from Portland’s spell
But not quite Turkey Day yet
Working is futile

Monday’s Conniption

4:30 wake up
Roads to work trapped under ice
Wrapped in Monday’s wrath

Groupthink Writing

They focused on words
“More adjectives will add strength”
Better nouns, perchance?

Local IT Peeps

My history walked
Through the event – I slowed down
To shrink the time gap

Just Another Day

The work week kicked off
But the routine choked new thoughts
I stalled at the start

Capacity Alert

Disjointed cube plan
Strong plea, begging from my team
Then the mainframe freaked

Kumbaya Meeting

People in a room
Words are shared but nothing more
We leave, minds unchanged

More Dinner Out

The table filled with
A hodge podge of work people
Air filled with stories


What contribution
Do you make when you wait to
Be told what to do.