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1st Holiday of the Year

Getting work emails
On a Monday holiday
Maybe they’re confused

Another Week

Monday rewinds steps
And plunks me down back at start
Lugging last week’s muck


I saw Friday’s plans
Get shelled by nasty grenades
Maybe tomorrow

How Jobs Fail

I watched the ball drop
It was never mine to hold
Don’t pass off your work

Monday’s Laugh

Monday’s first meeting
With a pre-read assignment
This week’s hurtful joke

Week’s Send Off

Boss’s ER trek
Work team event with my cat
Friday grabs a pen

Holiday Looming

Monday isn’t bad
When followed by a short week
Feels like a cheat day

Work Trip

Holy smokes, it’s late
The boss talked all frickin’ night
Let’s blame the cocktails

The 5th of July

Last night’s fireworks claps
Silenced by today’s work crawl
And scant PTO

Work’s Grasp

The whiff of free time
Tempts me but then I discern
Excel’s stern choke hold