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Time DMZ

Weekend starting line
A five o’clock martini
Silences the week 

Missed Expectations

Saturday free day
With hopeful dreams of progress
Then the clock sprinted

Family Scramble

As our time dwindled
The clock accelerated
And we all scattered

Before Moving Day

With changes in flight
Parents get to reconnect
Glance into what’s next

A Sunday in April

As college kid leaves
The cat turned toward evil
And then snow joins in

Neighbor Boys Visit

Caught up with the boys
Their early years spent next door
Now grow in time lapse

Influencer Choice

A day with the kid
She picked tonic & coffee
And yes, it’s dreadful

Work Travel Karma

One general rule
Is that workshops end early
As flights are delayed

Sign of Life

Ailing Uptown mall
Sports a hidden cocktail bar
Quaint, artsy retreat

Weekend Gateway

Friday’s little dip
Slips us into the weekend
Leaves the clock behind