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Random Weather Game

Rain, heat, cold, wind, damp
Each day sets the board with one
We contort to play

Grad Party Clean-Up

After the work day
We clean, reset, and install
Try to reclaim life

Grad Party 2024

Last kid’s grad party
Our best-laid plans get rained on
We dart through the dops

Painting Junkie

Scraped paint on the ground
A fresh coat covers the past
Ready for fresh starts

Day of Ranges

Friendship time slices
At times, scrubbing the gunk off
Other times, cocktails


My books torment me
They glare at me like I chose
To drain the day’s clock

Pressure Builds

The list continues
We blunder through assigned tasks
Fuels more pressure

Runaway Tasks

Task: gather photos
Then: kids and friend critique looks
Truth: pics age poorly

invitiation Strategy

The grad who forgot
To invite friends until late
Showcases her vibe

Grad Patterns

Grad party season
Either prep or social time
Sometimes, see your kid