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Week’s Send Off

Boss’s ER trek
Work team event with my cat
Friday grabs a pen

Free Day Claimed

Saturday’s clean slate
Was claimed by a sleepy cat
I became his bed

Bird Performance Art

Birds tell their story
To hushed houses and still streets
Our cats claim front row

Cat Choices

It’s the cat’s blanket
He picks fabric over us
No signs of remorse

Work Travel

Suitcase by the door
Cats give it their best side-eye
Then cry when it’s gone

Spendy Cat Room

As the kitchen takes shape
Each cat claims their own viewpoint
They think it’s for them

Annoyed Pets

The cats are quite pissed
Bothered by the remodel
It’s time for charades

Curious Kitty

A baby visit
Caused the cat to defer sleep
She watched him, we talked

Goodbye to a Puppy

She was leaving soon
I wrapped my neck around hers
She hugged me right back

Easter Dog

The puppy found eggs
Candy filled but did not want
To wait for the kids.