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Early Spring in Uptown

The lion of March
Lounged by Lake of the Isles
Letting winter go

Uptown Thaw

We stroll on Lake Street
Instead of dodging the cold
It’s our sign of spring

Urban Hiking

Hiking though concrete
Exploring the people zoo
We search out what’s new

Spring Journey

We followed the sun
Around our neighborhood. We
Found some fine trinkets


Just south of downtown
Neighbors drawn into Lucia’s
Each one on their own

Fast Catch Up

Uptown snowy night
Cars stuck, wet feet, early night
We fear alarm clocks

Family Trip to Saint Sabrina’s

Private rooms decked out
Mechanics red and stainless
We spoke of piercings


After some work talk
I walk into a bookstore
And hear the words float

Greek Fest

A few blocks away
Greek beer, kids dancing and food
We joined for a bit