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Most Important Meal

Espresso and cake
The freshman’s breakfast of choice
A fine Monday start

Menu Blunder

I packed our dinner
But cold food was a bad choice
It can’t quell fall’s chill

Airport Breakfast

It was 10:30
The waitress snarled “breakfast is
Very much over”

Ordering Blunder

With the waiter’s aid
I chose an odd chunk of cow
When I don’t like meat


Of all the coffee
I’ve had only a few leave
Memories that last

Pi Day Irony

Pi Day hoopla quip
Pie’s followers are crumbling
And few fathom Pi

A Night at William’s

A whiff of Thai food
Adds to Hennepin’s allure
But free peanuts win

Protest Ends

Her years of protest
Ends when she simply says yes
Now pizza, what’s next?

Food Changes

A birthday starring
Gluten-free fare. Thanks, farmers
For “improving” wheat.

An Odd Birthday Gift

Alex hates pizza
But on her brother’s birthday
She gave up the fight