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Unwanted Visitor

As we track the storm
We light the birthday candles
Before snow busts in

Another Snowy Birthday

The last birthday in
April brought the biggest snow
And then we shoveled

Mid-40’s Revelation

Clocks and structure choke
My core so we must cut ties
So my thoughts can roam

Serial Birthdays

All our birthdays clump
April, summer and year end
We follow the path

Family Birthdays

We gather and eat
That’s what my people do well
More sugar – “Of Course!”

Mom’s Birthday Gathering

Winter wind blew in
A day past her sixty eigth
Most of us were there


Our Monday crashed in
Broke up the party mindset
Jolted back to life

The Birthday Continues

We served leftovers
As Alex danced through her day
And the Packers won

Slumber Party

With dread the day came
When the house was filled with kids
But they were perfect

Birthday Night Out

Her blank face ponders
Her plans versus the moment
Later we will see