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Airport Plan Thwarted

Simple Friday plan
Blocked by traffic and missed bus
Kath gabbed through the stress


Florida storm hits
Of course, we will help them out
But hard after stunts

Replacement Blues

Opened the watch box
But heard no bells, no whistles
Apple refresh snooze

Weekly Routine

Monday night’s retreat
Shuns the week’s random demands
Time’s heartbeat ignored

Weekend Time

As Sunday sprinted
Snuck in for waffle breakfast
Then we chased the clock

Similar Stories

Words circle the meal
Revealing parallel pasts
Parents connecting

Friday Finish

Work and life chatter
Where lunch drifts to happy hour
Warms a damp fall day


Watching from sidelines
As years of actions falter
A new day awaits

Dinner Chatter

A rare dinner out
On the table by the soup
Our stories sprawl out

Virus Targets

Roommate with Covid
Travel plans become targets
Mask up, college kid