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Holiday Card

Our year on one page
It’s my annual challenge
Let’s change it up

Friday Project

The clear page fills up
Between and during meetings
The weekend paces

A Netflix Find

Binged a Netflix show
I shut my laptop cover
And felt zero guilt

Republican Logic

No choice for women
No vaccines, masks, or gun laws
Their pro-life facade


With the house emptied
My cat and I watch the fire
I nix my night’s plans

Tick Tock

People are lined up
Cashing in on store closing
I pause at the change

Break is Over

Our airport drop-off
Like other college parents
Wait for next visit

Backard in November

The boy played with fire
With temps hovering freezing
Our weekend winds down

Free Day

A day with no clock
I drifted without guardrails
More days like this, please

Holidays Return

Our Thanksgiving meal
With the whole group in one room
Paused the outside world