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Holiday’s Vibe

Midweek cookie night
Welcome oasis from work
December’s rubric

Time’s Escape

The clock turned its back
Sprinted far away from me
Came back depleted

Seriously, Monday?

Day overfloweth
As tasks chase out rival tasks
Fighting for check marks

December Swimlanes

Christmas tchotchkes placed
As the tree waits for more lights
Next up, Hanukkah

LIght Conspiracy

Where do the lights hide?
The second year in a row
Our Christmas tree aches

Lutefisk, No Lefse, No Facts

In a church basement
He spewed FoxNews and their “facts”
Over lutefisk

Balancing Tasks

From stodgy spreadsheets
To Charlie Brown tree shopping                         
Must call it a day

Holiday Motions

As boxes pile up
We plug away at our list
Hoping life can hold

Holiday Cards Start

Pictures for the card
They are all perfect and wrong
But it’s a short life


Contort around cats
And become their bed for naps
Cagey heist of space