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Work Trip Overnight Detour

Flying in circles
Chicago to MSP
End up in Green Bay

Shoe Trust Broken

The cute new shoes struck
Rubbing blisters left and right 
And still got gate checked


Friday night cocktails
Celebrates the cherished point
Where the clock hushes

Spring Break Goodbye

The schedule was known
But saying goodbye still stings
Two month clock starts now

Art with Commentary

The art comes alive
Through simple audio blurbs
No one else exists

Day Choices

We called it a day
Lounging beat out quest for new
Was it age or sloth?

Tripping over Cats

Without agenda
We straggle around corners
Meeting gobs of cats

Museum at Night

Museum at night
Wandering through history
With no one around

Alarms, not a Fan

Loathe setting alarms
Their ruckus breaks up my dreams
Always miss the end

Unplanned Drops

Drenched clothes from dryer 
Marble steps soak in fresh rain
Unplanned water day