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Minority Power Grab

The Supreme Court reeks
They lied, women will now die
Men wield their power

Social Summers

Friends gather under
Minnesota summer lights
Fills our winter void

Not Per Plan

My ambitious plans
Although complete, took a toll
The day kept moving

Democracy’s Descent

Our rights stripped away
By the minority rule
Founding fathers grieve

Why, Monday, Why?

Sick of Monday’s games
Tag-teaming with nasty steam
No way to make friends

Summer, Not Yet

Not sure what we did
To make the sky breathe this fire
And on Father’s Day

Empty Dinner Place

He returned from camp
Too tired and peopled out
Maybe tomorrow


The neighbors cluster
Catch up at a grad party
Deaths, crimes, city life

Summer Plays Nice

Our backyard circle
One birthday, one birthday eve
Weather gave a gift

Stuck in Madison

The young pilot plots
Plane delay closed escape routes
We watch skies darken