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Vetting Improvement

Avoid the Trump cloak
Security clearance proof
For all candidates

Classic Trump Outcome

Trump ignored COVID
Economy over health
Now we have neither

Summer Speeds By

Routine drains my days
Never touching the task list
And now guilt shows up

Calendar Free Cat

The alarm ignored
By the cat that played all night
Then slept through Monday

A Northerner’s Viewpoint

Despite winter’s bite
I prefer iced air over
Scorched sun-thrown sloth bait

Another 2020 Holiday

A firework-filled sky
Stares down on closed Uptown streets
One more marred milestone

Hamilton Victory

Trump’s prate at Rushmore
With his special guest, COVID
We watch Hamilton

Hello July

Screen porch in summer
Nature’s hairdryer blows in
Cats give up and sleep

Pandemic Treat

We watch without guilt
A brand new mammoth TV
Our COVID respite

Minneapolis Landmarks, Summer 2020

A Dairy Queen stop
Then 38th-Chicago
A silent ride home