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Look Away from Trump

So they censored Schiff
Even the indicted one
They cover Trump’s crimes

Trump’s Arraignment

He chose to confess
After pleading not guilty
Now fundraising starts

Justice Finally

Trump loses his case
Assault and defamation
Still, he’s their darling

Trump’s Protectors

Trump’s grand appointments
Placed unqualified judges
It’s revealed, I cringe

Photo Book Research

Read the year’s haiku
Backyard nights, cats, sedition
Just inches apart

Medical Judges

Our country’s healthcare
To follow doctor’s orders
Insurance holds keys

Policy, Please

Political texts
With their compelling sound bites
Until they’re questioned


The right screams about
Voter fraud, but where’s the proof?
Afraid of losing?

Why Do We Pay Them

New entitlements
Game played by McConnell’s sheep
No work yet still paid

McConnell Scores

The right’s new playbook
Supreme Court now steps aside
For bounty hunters