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Obstacle Monday

Monday and its games
Why can’t it be like Friday?
And wait out the clock

Standing Up

Watching Simone Biles
Saying “no” for her own health
Gives my choices light

Missed Calls

Phone rings, I’m busy
I call and they don’t answer
We looped all day long


Friday’s clock pauses
It flips around, sensing space
A weekend warm-up

Friday’s Contribution

Friday’s olive branch
A grand gateway to free time
Monday plans payback

Sunday’s Games

Sunday’s sales pitch works
Never mentioning Monday
Who feasts off the trap

Sunday Punchline

Sunday’s cruel game
Taunts us with postcard weather
Then summons Monday


Saturday gave up
Sunday braces in silence
For Monday’s return


Seventeen’s iced howls
Warns eighteen of its charter
To warm our cold front

The Transaction

For free time, Sunday
Plunders our Saturday night
Bequeaths to Target