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The Transaction

For free time, Sunday
Plunders our Saturday night
Bequeaths to Target

Old Person Diagnosis

Feeling old and blind
I squint my way back home to
Order bifocals

Monday’s Conniption

4:30 wake up
Roads to work trapped under ice
Wrapped in Monday’s wrath

Nightly Choice

The clock holds the cards
I get to pick only one
Workout, read or write

Extending the Weekend

The work week crouched down
While the weekend pace loitered
Soon the week would pounce

Alone Time?

Why when I lust time
My child group thinks and plans
Why not our own paths?

My Time – Defined

Weekend free time is
Still nine loads of laundry but
Done in my jammies

Mid-40’s Revelation

Clocks and structure choke
My core so we must cut ties
So my thoughts can roam

Weekend Time

Clock spins recklessly
I chase it holding laundry
The week ahead laughs

Control of 1 Life Aspect

Under the TV
Sits a box that halts the shows
We can mess with time