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Working the Plan

Our hiatus wanes
We clench the to do list and
Tick those peaky tasks

Not Working

Ah, December break
I get to lounge all day long
Work is far away

Vacation Ends

We left two puppies
By the pool in the desert
For 2 cats at home

Mt. San Jacinto

The tram pulled us up
The mountain and then we hiked
We peeked on the world

Living Desert Zoo

Animals did well
We fried under the heat but
In-n-Out refreshed

Joshua Tree National Park

It was bound to be
One kid liked the nature park
The other was bored

Lounge Day

I hazy, weather clear
We lounged by the pool and chilled
Regroup in progress

Vacation Tragedies

Tethered to work, played
Target practice with demands
Critiqued at dinner

Tunnel Light

We all took action
And by noon we sighed relief
Now prep for our break

Bye Broadmoor

Daily pampering
When lost escorted, not shown
Felt pretty special