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Writing Small Talk

Our small-talk banter
Led to writing of haiku
My first time, more please

Living in a Puzzle

Today’s labyrinth
Dragged me through tangled corners
Left me at the start

Gloomy Monday

Grey gloomy outside
Oozes all over the day
Letting Monday win

Returning Home

You tend to forget
That there is no maid service
And life is messy

Night Writing

I put the journal
Under my pillow hoping
It will grab more words

A Window Crashed Down

A knock at the door
Our neighbor clenched an ice pack
I played ambulance

School Pause

A bridge to sixth grade
Multiple field trips followed
No alarm clocks now

Floating Words

Words you allow out
As you walk out of the room
Linger after you leave

Coup d’Etat

She brought half full drinks
And a cheese plate with some scraps
Done with trendy bars

Memorial Day 2014

Alex read, I wrote
Adam taught Owen Blackjack
That was our day off