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Saturday Morning Visit

It’s an easy game
Finger-wipe looking for dust
This guest keeps trying

Trying on Kitchens

We shop kitchen styles
Instead of judging the things
The lens points at us

The Leak – Day 2

There came a rapping
The city’s water guy spoke
Of our broken pipe

Really Cold Leaks

The outdoor pipes quit
Winter and it’s wicked cold
Now they ooze water

Cold Weather Trend

In winter’s clutches,
Our furnace studies weather
Bows out when cold comes

Chilly House

Outside it’s winter
The cold air swirled inside more
Blankets failed, sleep worked

Below 0

Air blew through the house
Sliced through old windows and cracks
Silent furnace slept

Cold Start

The air turned icy
As it sliced through our jammies
Our New Year wakeup