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Trial by Tree

Good friends aren’t bothered
By tree droppings in cocktails
Should that be a test?

Monday Choices

On Monday, I worked
But neighbors threw a shindig
They’re onto something

Quiet Awards

Past Oscar parties
Makes the house feel deserted
Now it’s just TV

Oscars 2013

Years ago we slaved
Over the guests, menu, house
Now, it’s just a show

The Boss’s Party

A glimpse of a life
When invited to one’s home
Is a cherished gift

Combined Off-Site

We left the cube world
And shared martinis and beer
Mingling of the teams


Our Monday crashed in
Broke up the party mindset
Jolted back to life

The Birthday Continues

We served leftovers
As Alex danced through her day
And the Packers won

Slumber Party

With dread the day came
When the house was filled with kids
But they were perfect

Oscars 2012

Self-induced chaos
Replaced by untimed quiet
Shhh – it’s much better