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Darn Marketeers

Cloaked in fall’s cold air
The persuasive waffle won
We scarfed email bait

Shoe Shipment

My two kids lug in
The humongous Zappos box
My own shoe boutique

School Shopping 2014

The scorching summer
Waits until school shopping starts
It’s a backwards year

Claire’s – 30 Years Later

We used to shop there
Loaded up on cheap earrings
Now it’s our girls’s turn

Shop Another Day

Clothes hung in the stores
inspiration thwarted
Bland, safe, threads whimpered

Our Usual Place

Catching up on life
Over drinks, then earring racks
Another year starts

Need for a New Phone

I see the same signs
Every few years, my old
Phone spits dust at me

Car Show

All in one big room
The cars opened their doors and
We crawled in and dreamt

Shopping Milestone

They met at age two
At ten, they shop the mall’s stores
Without their parents

Super Bowl Shopping Day

Skyways were empty
The sales clerks pounced or hovered
Out of sheer boredom