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Personal Decorating

We played paper dolls
With snapshot filters and frames
Voila, it’s our art

2014 Annual Book

Photo book was set
Haiku blurbs trim the pages
Left moments behind

Annual Photo Book 2014

Murder our darlings
To capture the year’s story
Which photos will win?

Corporate Writer’s Block

I coax my writing
Word, Excel or Powerpoint?
No dice, my words hide

Frozen Thoughts

Writers block triumphed
I moped until the lake begged
To stroll through puddles

Missed Haiku

I lost the check box
Of the daily recap post
Now I wonder how

Indy Film Spark

The voice of one’s life
Uncovered through years of craft
This is why I write

Groupthink Writing

They focused on words
“More adjectives will add strength”
Better nouns, perchance?

Remote Writer’s Block

I listen, silence
I can’t hear my voice clearly
New Orleans blocks words

Execs in Action

They all snap wildly
Grasping at snippets of facts
Rewrite to fiction