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Take that boiling water!

Water in Snow


Cold wind slowed our walk
But the rain sent us inside
For some hot coffee

October Progression

It was eighty out
Fallen leaves crunched under foot
Then the wind stormed in

Menu Blunder

I packed our dinner
But cold food was a bad choice
It can’t quell fall’s chill

Winter Morning Nemesis

The sun stays hidden
While arctic bully bombards
Our start to the day

Winter Walk

It was zero out
The iced air sliced my eyebrows
In just a few blocks


The road looks like spring
Then I cross a small hill and
See winter erupt

Balmy Christmas Tree Shopping

It’s above freezing
So we stroll though tree options
Not rushed by winter

Monday’s Conniption

4:30 wake up
Roads to work trapped under ice
Wrapped in Monday’s wrath

Minnesota’s Welcome Mat

We left Portland’s rain
Flew over sun-drenched mountains
Snow welcomed us home