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Pushed Towards Winter

The wind strips fall’s leaves
Ripping down our painted views
Haunted branches loom

Chased Away

July’s little trick
Sneak in scorching sticky air
Stealing outside time

Leaf Signals

Across the alley
Red leaves pop for fall’s return
Or heat rebellion


After July’s steam
August reminds us of fall
No summer milestones

Heat Respite

As summer reloads
Fall’s chill makes a brief visit
Snuck in with the rain

A Northerner’s Viewpoint

Despite winter’s bite
I prefer iced air over
Scorched sun-thrown sloth bait

Hello July

Screen porch in summer
Nature’s hairdryer blows in
Cats give up and sleep

Cloud Entrance

Wind calls me outside
“Look at the sinister sky”
And now we both wait

Memorial Day Decisions

Let’s not snub science
When the weather draws us in
How strong will we be?

Snowstorm Surprise

Warnings alert us
To the night’s silent snowfall
Sleep makes us forget