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Return to Work

The alarm shook the
Silent darkness, I followed
The path through the day

Flat Day

Similar stories
But from different angles
Then we changed our views

Sequestered Work Choices

It’s the Vatican
White smoke indicates choices
We wait for the list

Light bulb

Just ten years had passed
My boss got into my head
And saw the logic

Trend Data

I tag some blog posts
I see a really bad trend
Too much work, where’s life?

Emergency 1 on 1

Our words walked over
Smoldering coals of past days
But the fire was out

Getting Flat

The wall closes in
Loud voices, piercing words, glares
We walk out in step

Email Gone Bad

Words were sparse but sliced
Night rant then morning retort
Finished with coffee

Found Money

The program ran hot
So I had no money, then
Friends stepped in to help

Dinner Out

Ah the Supper Club
Perfect spot for a work group
To avoid shop talk