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Call Home

Instead of sound bytes
It’s now impromptu meetings
Parenting through screens

Bonus Move-in Day

With storm winds outside
She clipped photos to string lights
Merged past with what’s next

In Plain Sight

Dorm room shopping night
Tonight’s Apple TV show
Naive cat watches

1st Kid Graduates

It’s grad party day
We celebrate a journey
And sneak time with friends

Next Generation Pioneer

Her awards fanned out
As my high school friends catchup
Now she’s alumni

Lost Time

We missed the kids’ friends
Now giggling in the backyard
College clock ticktocks

College Visit

Two jump on a plane
First night in over a year
That we’re not all home

Growing Up

Play set goes away
We follow with purging games
Family’s next phase

Most Important Meal

Espresso and cake
The freshman’s breakfast of choice
A fine Monday start

Virtual Parenting

Our school’s parent night
Last year, social classroom sprints
Now we click Zoom links