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4th Grade Self Assessment

He listed his strengths
As math, tech support and lunch
Which he never eats

Lower School Science Fair

The school’s trifold maze
Commanded by mustached kids
Armed with facts and charts

Alone Time?

Why when I lust time
My child group thinks and plans
Why not our own paths?

Communication Failure

I met one kid but
Where was number 2? I searched.
Bus 5 left with him

Parent Treadmill

Chasing down two boys
Topped off my day of service
To my two children

Spring Journey

We followed the sun
Around our neighborhood. We
Found some fine trinkets

Loud Boys

Small group of boys screamed
Prep for their party, later
Wolves game echoed it

4th Grade Family Night

Ate through the cafe
And browsed binders and sculptures
Speeches and then songs

Bermuda Triangle House

The iPod was near
But hidden watching just like
The cat as he cried

Time Without Kids

Our house was quiet
Merely a pitstop until
We brought back the kids