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Waiting in Denver

In the airport club
With substandard swill and slop
Filled time with chitchat

Travel Danger

Travel to Denver
Read Coronavirus news
Plan for more travel

Remote Bar Hopping

He toured Seattle’s
Cocktail scene while I joined in
Via texts and pix

Vacationing in Portland

Good-bye to Sorels
Hello to the food truck town
A break from real life

New Location

Mission style house
Replaced with modern design
They moved but same vibe

Travel Day

We left the mountains
A cold, windy welcome home
Showered in snow flakes

Bye Broadmoor

Daily pampering
When lost escorted, not shown
Felt pretty special

13th Anniversary

The train climbed the hill
Time on the summit before
Seven course dining

Royal Gorge

High above the rocks
I step forward, eyes ahead
I feel the bridge shake


A new place to see
Pulls me towards the journey
Two sad kids pull back