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A Year Unlike Others

This year’s photo book
Our road trip pictures replaced
With our year at home

Waiting in Denver

In the airport club
With substandard swill and slop
Filled time with chitchat

Travel Danger

Travel to Denver
Read Coronavirus news
Plan for more travel

Coordination Glitch

Our target leave time
Is the teen’s planned shower time
Flight delay saves us

Work Travel

Suitcase by the door
Cats give it their best side-eye
Then cry when it’s gone

Remote Bar Hopping

He toured Seattle’s
Cocktail scene while I joined in
Via texts and pix

Airport Breakfast

It was 10:30
The waitress snarled “breakfast is
Very much over”

Vacation from Reality

In California
Caught up like we were at home
Without life’s constraints

Sun Break

Left Charleston’s heat
And drove south to Savannah
Where clouds hid the sun

July Pit Stop

A whole day at home
After fifteen days away
I didn’t mind chores