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Staring Down Tuesday

Laptop and car glass
That’s where I stared for a day
Wish it was a book


A work happy hour
In a booming restaurant
I don’t miss that noise

Dinner at Matt and Holly’s

The”coffee udder”
Snared our relentless chatter
Visuals and all

Parenting Choices

Watching a mother
Not say “no” but talk choices
Must want the push back

Pocket Door Mayhem

Builder’s open house
Showed no pocket door lock works
So we kept drinking

Retro Detour

With the highway closed
I wandered through streets I left
Behind with high school

Lake Calhoun in Slo Mo

Lake said “Slow down, look”
Ducks swim with skyline backdrop
Running blurs their stage

A Late Stop

It’s late, the line forms
Hipsters wait for fries and beer
Does anyone work?

Moving Call

“Traffic is insane”
He agreed and then he waved
Our call continued

Lyndale and 34th

Kids are at lessons
Two corners – wine or coffee?
Please don’t judge, wine wins