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Retro Detour

With the highway closed
I wandered through streets I left
Behind with high school

More Dinner Out

The table filled with
A hodge podge of work people
Air filled with stories

Dinner Out with Others

Dinner was a train
Fueled by cacophony
We tried to jump on

Loud Boys

Small group of boys screamed
Prep for their party, later
Wolves game echoed it

Nestled in the Cushion

The left behind phone
Spent the night alone downtown
What did it see/hear?

Target Center Musings

Nine dollar cocktails
But if there is no mixer
Is it just liquor?

Dinner Out

Ah the Supper Club
Perfect spot for a work group
To avoid shop talk

Dive Bar

Three Wisconsin chicks
Chilled in a booth by the bar
Air smelled of tacos

Birthday Night Out

Her blank face ponders
Her plans versus the moment
Later we will see