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Covid test?

Monday’s first question
Do you have a COVID test?
Asks Friday lunch pal

2021 Covid Turn

We are testing more
As the virus plots its course
It’s a Covid race

Late Sunday News

Friday’s surprise guest
A small smiley visitor
Failed his covid test

Vaccine Honor System

Anti-vax “mask rights”
While those with shots hold masks close
The mask paradox

Next Phase, Please

We’ve reached a new line
With vaccines available
What about the teens?

Home Stretch, Hopefully

New school COVID case
Why can’t we just hunker down
For a few more months?


Our second Easter
Under COVID’s taxing rule
Light cracks the darkness

COVID Habits

Clean, take-out, movies
Saturday’s stuck in a loop
And sneak in a nap

COVID’s Toll

Five hundred thousand
Claimed “under control” last year
Now families mourn

Holiday Rules

Thanksgiving for four
It’s a 2020 thing
You know, saving lives