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Wisconsin Visit

We visit parents
And sit across their garage
Count masks on the drive

Family Dinner

With all of us home
We cleaned up for dinner out
No complaints or fights

Parental Assistance

Her young writer’s block
Swiped at unarmed advice to
Dislodge her trapped words

Noncompliant Basketball

Forget formal sports
We shot hoops, even made some
In an old storeroom

Annual Planning

A few days late but
We grab the kids and talk goals
So much more pops out

Tween Laundry

The floor grips her clothes
Floor fuzzy with muck and gunk
Clothes still wet from wash

Evil Joke Box

Screaming kid wakes me
ER? Wait – fake nail through thumb
Classic joke antics

Tween Party

Parents turned to staff
For slumber party detail
We pause our own plans

12 Year Old’s Celebration

Mall birthday dinner
Since we are there, why not shop?
Perfect tweener treat

Tween Room Cleaning

Before she turns twelve
Most kiddie rubble is tossed
While she snags her gems