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Karma Gone Awry

I watch my husband
Navigate each day’s landmines
The breakage echoes

Unexpected Guests

We showed up hungry
After we said please don’t fuss
Then Iron Chef mom

College Visit

Two jump on a plane
First night in over a year
That we’re not all home

Growing Up

Play set goes away
We follow with purging games
Family’s next phase

Wisconsin Visit

We visit parents
And sit across their garage
Count masks on the drive

Family Dinner

With all of us home
We cleaned up for dinner out
No complaints or fights

Young Threats

“You’re my next victim”
Spouts my gentle 10-year-old
His game-night banter

Tradition Hiatus

A Star Wars detour
Stonewalled our New Year’s game night
But the ball still dropped

Protest Ends

Her years of protest
Ends when she simply says yes
Now pizza, what’s next?

Parental Assistance

Her young writer’s block
Swiped at unarmed advice to
Dislodge her trapped words