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Back to Baking

Back to the kitchen
After an unwelcome pause
I savor the craft

Thanksgiving 2020

With COVID out there
We hunkered down and scratch-cooked
Tackled Mom’s menu

Flour Battle

Christmas break’s swan song
A gluten-free lefse stab
It could use some wheat

16th Anniversary Dinner

A killer kitchen
Means there’s no reservation
For a lavish meal

Greedy Task

Tracked the day’s list but
One line, make apple butter,
Thought it stood alone

Menu Blunder

I packed our dinner
But cold food was a bad choice
It can’t quell fall’s chill

Cooking After Remodel

My pent-up cooking
Caused missteps with a cool stove
Let’s dub it practice

Our First Date

Seventeen years since
I made brownies a few blocks
From our brood’s abode

Kitchen Milestone

A bit of sheetrock
Etched the kitchen’s silhouette
I climbed in and pined

Remodel School

With our kitchen gone
We feast on our friends’ wisdom
Of when they were us