Friday Finish

Work and life chatter
Where lunch drifts to happy hour
Warms a damp fall day


Watching from sidelines
As years of actions falter
A new day awaits

Dinner Chatter

A rare dinner out
On the table by the soup
Our stories sprawl out

Virus Targets

Roommate with Covid
Travel plans become targets
Mask up, college kid

Booking Travel Game

Three laptops on fire
Hunting to book Boston hotels
As the rooms vanish

Finally, We Travel

A plot over drinks
Revamped into plane tickets
Not our normal quash

Time Lapse

My hometown roads moved
Tracked down my past life knowing
Why I chose new roads

Friday’s Job

Friday sweeps messes
The dust and dirt from the week
Hide from the weekend

Dark Years

Not in the wedding
But in the backyard tonight
Adam screwed the pooch

Nerdy Guidance

It had to be said
“No shame in a math major”
Parental insight