Neverending News Days

No Proud Boys walk-back
Throw it with the other news
Brace for more scandals

1st Debate

Autocrat on stage
Bully who spews fish stories
An embarrassment

College Search Progress

With polished essays
Sent first group of college apps
Next group stares her down

Taxes in the News

Trump’s taxes unveiled
Sure he scammed our government
But who does he owe?

Different Rules

Ruth replacement’s past
Against play four years ago
Integrity gap

Week’s Finish Line

Nonchalant Friday
Showed up and glanced at the week
Poured a martini

2020 Moment

The house is silent
Toy mower shines in moonlight
2020 gash

Trapping Time

Night before they close
We borrowed their little boy
Spun him in our chair

Trump’s Media Games

It’s always “two weeks”
Healthcare, wife’s citizenship
Then Trump lights new fires

Feline Occupational Growth

The cat has evolved
To supervising food prep
And suave meal antics