The Moment

Coveted Tuesday
Turned on my out of office
And closed my laptop


Corporate shopping
Told as our Monday kicks off
We are the star goods

Corporate Donations

They strip onion peels
Trying to get the bill signed
The stench is pure greed

City Council’s Plan

One in the morning
We awake to squealing tires
Uptown’s alarm clock

Breathing Room

My ideal Friday
A deserted calendar
Take that, to do list

Fall Mini-Break

Circular fire
With hand-rolled cigars nearby
A social crisp night


The right screams about
Voter fraud but where’s the proof?
Afraid of losing?

Minneapolis Reset

Council candidates
Sell their utopian views
I want practical

Cats React to Fall

Each cat picks their couch
For their all day sleep challenge
We watch while we work

Sunday’s Challenge

Gluten-free baking
Took my normal baking past
Spit all over it