Seasonal Travel

Car obstacle course
With road construction hurdles
Pushing me askew

Selective Rules

I hear the crickets
When skewed news turn whites to kill
Pro-life party mute

Textbook Weekend

A quiet weekend
With friends, check marks and free time
Aspirations caught

Which Sun Shows Up?

The sun has two sides
Its rays point to ignored filth
Or weekend sanctum

Friday Collapse

Simple Friday night
The food and drink good enough
But our friendship feasts

More June than May

Second night of storms
Wraps us in sticky air sweat
Doused the sun too soon

Screens and Storms

From the basement floor
The storm passes overhead
Eyes locked onto screens

Updated Sleep Plan

We drag through the day
Thinking of early bedtimes
Accepting sleep’s sway

Painted Bookcase

I place books on shelves
Too many wait for their time
Some live inside me

Yard Battles

Raking morphed into
Crusade to save the hostas
From entrenched weed beasts