Battle for Life

The toxic virus
May not be COVID-19
But Trump’s lies and cult

COVID-19 Apparel

It’s now one month in
I catch a glimpse of real clothes
And avert my eyes

Passive Trump

Trump has less power
Than the other world leaders
With tests, gear, mandates

Dad’s 75th

A FaceTime dinner
Our birthday quarantine fix
For Trump’s denial

Trump Leads

Days to weeks to months
Stay inside, avoid people
History grabs pen

Presidential Runbook

The White House grifters
Force the states into battle
While Trump and clan scheme

Corona Virus Kitties

They roam room to room
Attending calls and classes
Our cat taskmasters

Break Time

Our kitchen break room
A brief family moment
But work and school calls

Stay At Home Trends

I hear “The Simpsons”
When we dive onto the couch
Lockdown just started

2020 Car Story

Inside our garage
My new care waits patiently
Dreaming of road trips