Plotting School Events

We mapped the events
That clutter the calendar
We chose to hit pause

Shortened Distancing

Watching prom grand march
With face masks in our pockets
Parent friends are back

Under Duress

Return to mall life
Hunt for shoes and jewelry
With prom hours away

More COVID Progress

Vaccines open up
This time for twelve to fifteen
Mad dash to schedule

Grad Party Pressure

Based on grad invites
Others are better planners
Yard refresh excuse?

May in Minnesota

I grabbed my wool socks
Dressing for a mid-May day
Gave up, turned heat on

Holiday Test

An online invite
With a grammatical flub
Mangles Mother’s Day

Spring Clean-up

Overgrown garden
A web of weeds choke our plants
Savage massacre

Vaccine Aftermath

Chills, aches, and headaches
My Moderna hangover
Still worth all the ick

Herd Immunity Sprint

Vaccines polarize
I gladly stepped up for mine
I pick team science