April Saturday 2021

Driving through Uptown
Past an armed national guard
Out for a vaccine


Friday’s clock pauses
It flips around sensing space
A weekend warm-up

True Colors Shown

On promotion day
I spaced where I parked the car
And the boss watched it

New Chapter

On director eve
Slide consultant job aside
Flip to a new page


A work happy hour
In a booming restaurant
I don’t miss that noise

Another COVID-19 Birthday

Birthday with curfew
Uptown covered in plywood
In the cold damp air

Sunday Morning Gift

A breakfast surprise
Made by a young adult chef
This parent just smiled

True Saturday

Throw the task list out
And embrace simple free time
Let regrets be damned

Home Stretch, Hopefully

New school COVID case
Why can’t we just hunker down
For a few more months?

Trial Continues

The experts explain
How a knee to the neck kills
But sure, not murder