Court Packing

The theft of court seats
By right wing extremist groups
Grasping bygone codes

Follow the Leader?

Science says mask up
Trump’s puppets wail freedom and
Pass COVID like snacks

2020 Cadence

COVID has saved time
No question of what to do
We always stay home

Uptown Trends

They are all lined up
This time it’s the Apple store
So what closes next?

Last Debate 2020

One candidate calms
While the conman bully lies
Bet people buy it

Religious Excuse Removed

October shocker
Sure, Rudy hands, but never
The Pope’s lucid stance

2020 Continues

October snowstorm
Another gift from this year
Two months more to go

2016 Rerun Burnout

With just two weeks left
Trump allegations bore me
“Lock him up, blah, blah”

Vacation Procrastination

Our normal Sunday
Woke us up with list in hand
We tried to hide it

Fall Break 2020

Family game day
Last fall break together
Let the fights begin