Weather Shocker

The weather spasms
Downpours, wind gusts, and chilled air
After non-stop heat

Next Generation Pioneer

Her awards fanned out
As my high school friends catchup
Now she’s alumni

Tides Turned

Sleep challenged all week
Friday slowed down the chaos
Couch welcomed me back

Backyard Chat

While in the back yard
We talked without time constraints
And built a time quilt

Political Spoof

Biden and Putin
Each move over-analyzed
Howard Cosell-esque

Work Roadtrip

Iowa day trip
Three coworkers dressed in suits
The A/C opts out

Growing Tired

The Uptown protests
Are not a stage for your rage
People do live here

After Weeks of Work

Tried to control them
But the weeds and dust grandstand
For nitpicky guests

Skills Deficit

The glass bulbs shattered
While hanging commercial lights
Box recommends pros

Years Disappear

Parents watch time pass
On grad party photo walls
Time loses its edge