Vacation Insight

After a week off
I discern I crave free time
Must it be shortchanged?

Teen’s Room Redo

A rearranged room
Sets stage for perspective change
Onward to high school

Optional Responsiblities

Duties strewn aside
Census, elections, COVID
For his non-stop cons


Our destination
In Darwin, Minnesota
One mammoth twine ball

Local Propaganda

Suburban billboard
Calls out my neighborhood strife
They judge from afar


After July’s steam
August reminds us of fall
No summer milestones

Too Close

Watching Contagion
While in Minneapolis
During pandemic

Forced Staycaytion

With six states to go
Confined in Minnesota
A stay-at-home year

Harsh Reminder

Recall Presidents?
They calm, motivate, and lead
With their lucid speech

Early Choices

Our schools could open
If we test and slow COVID
Not by skipping steps