Muted Holiday Ramp-up

Eerie December
Work mutes the upcoming break
It’s quiet and dark

Blocked from Real Work

It was a free day
Until meetings shelled my plan
Trashed tomorrow too

Happy Birthday, Alex

Eighteen years ago
I met a tiny stranger
Now I watch in awe

School Moves Home

Online school for kids
We pass them in the hallway
Between our meetings

Sprint Plans

Winter’s wind outside
While we studied backyard plans
Imagined warm days

November Gift

Just like a spring day
Our neighbors swarmed the alley
A rare, warm fall day

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Yesterday’s main thought
Never, ever eat again
Caved by mid-morning

Thanksgiving 2020

With COVID out there
We hunkered down and scratch cooked
Tackled Mom’s menu

Holiday Rules

Thanksgiving for four
It’s a 2020 thing
You know…. saving lives

Cat Fashion

Thanks to his sister
The cat wears his tail scrunchie
He knows he looks good