Academic Alex

Fine press for the kid
But what about her trademark:
The last to get jokes

Republican Test

Swindle, not govern
Ignore crimes of sedition
Servile senators

Snow, Next Day

The enchanting snow
Turned evil on unplowed streets
Plow’s scrape captivates

Sunday Snow

The last few snowflakes
Floated to the clean sidewalk
As the sun returned

Weekly Plan Rebooted

Precious Saturday
With the government quiet
Picked books, not Twitter

Citizen Trump

Twitter is quiet
The news trickles in slowly
I move on with life


Our government works
If filled with experience
And belief in laws

Biden Inauguration

A gifted poet
Put words to our point in time
Now we move forward

Biden Eve

Last night of Trump’s reign
With his party pass in hand
Crimes, lies, death allowed

Countdown Continues

On Trump’s last Monday
He spewed his dream statue list
Then planned his escape