Parent Visit

Standing on the deck
The March sun gave us cover
To chat for a bit

High School Parent Conferences

It’s conference time
Freshman teachers coach the kids
Senior ones arm them

Delay of Game

Their new power move
Read the well-liked bill out loud
Before they vote no

Republican Derelection

Not sure why they ran
Avoiding legislation
Spewing the big lie

Information Steps

Sometimes the best news
Is declaring what it’s not
Breathe when some doors close

Monday’s Laugh

Monday’s first meeting
With a pre-read assignment
This week’s hurtful joke

Not Window Shopping

Our Sunday outing
Kitchen Window set the trap
Left with two new pans

Winter Watery Walk

February walk
That leaves puddles in your shoes
An early spring gift

Friday Free Time

Poems and math proofs
Bookish lectures drew me in
My weekend gateway

People or Power

If it’s popular
Then Republicans fight it
Don’t govern, say no