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Car Update

New tech seduction
Promise of simplicity
Engulfed by choices

Win for Experience

Two IT people
Walk into Microcenter
And catch a tech fib

Laptop Switch

The new laptop waits
While clutter floods the old one
So I grab a book

70’s and Scared

The weather spooked the
Mainframe who crashed at the sight
Of a real spring day

Capacity Alert

Disjointed cube plan
Strong plea, begging from my team
Then the mainframe freaked

Nestled in the Cushion

The left behind phone
Spent the night alone downtown
What did it see/hear?

Control of 1 Life Aspect

Under the TV
Sits a box that halts the shows
We can mess with time

Need for a New Phone

I see the same signs
Every few years, my old
Phone spits dust at me

New Blackberry Day

Phone replacement day
My favorite phone retires
Blackberry Curve rocked