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Hardware Crash

Laptop fell, we watched
A quick dust-off, it seemed fine
Until it wasn’t

Let Me Do My Job

WebEx opted out
I thought “join” meant my meeting
Not a tech abyss

COVID Car Symptom

I woke my car up
He threw an alarm at me
“The fuel is aged”

New Tech Rule

Start with no restore
It’s my technology purge
Digital cleanup

Car Update

New tech seduction
Promise of simplicity
Engulfed by choices

Work’s Grasp

The whiff of free time
Tempts me but then I discern
Excel’s stern choke hold

Win for Experience

Two IT people
Walk into Microcenter
And catch a tech fib

Laptop Switch

The new laptop waits
While clutter floods the old one
So I grab a book

1st Monday of Summer Vacation

Just a few snafus
A lost iPad and broken charger
Great start to summer

70’s and Scared

The weather spooked the
Mainframe who crashed at the sight
Of a real spring day