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The day crowded me
I fled to my cozy bed
Ignoring chaos

Parental Procrastination

An hour from midnight
We wrap our daughter’s last gift        
You’d think we could plan

Checking the Box

I chase my to-dos
Batting cobwebs and fresh flames
I silence guilt’s voice

Holiday Timing

In July, I shop
For a Mother’ Day gift, next
Maybe Father’s Day

Spring Procrastination

It’s close to mid-June
Time to start the yard clean-up
Proud of my dawdling

Laptop Switch

The new laptop waits
While clutter floods the old one
So I grab a book

Frozen Thoughts

Writers block triumphed
I moped until the lake begged
To stroll through puddles

Branches and Twigs

Last year’s tree remains
Around the corner hidden
Sawed our way to done

Creating Layers

Building a layer
Doesn’t resolve the problem
It only masks it

Bowling Sunday

Family Bowling
From there lunch and some errands
Writing at midnight