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Information Steps

Sometimes the best news
Is declaring what it’s not
Breathe when some doors close

Investment Banking Theory

I cling to his words
That connects disjoint notions
That I couldn’t see

Debate Recap

Some men still avow
Women are not their equals
Won’t they be surprised?

After School Recap

He retold his day
Through his nine-year-old mind’s flare
With his own newscast

America’s Declining Rank

John Oliver’s view:
Eccentric America
May be our lone win

Flood of Ideas

Vast sheets of rain drenched
The streets as we pored over
Each other’s theories

Lunch with Tom

Many months had passed
We each were getting grounded
Now our words took flight


The ecosystem
Reacts to abrupt changes
Don’t throw rocks for sport


You never get it
If you don’t ask the question
Be bold, ask away

Meals with Kids

Just by sight they know
What they like and what they don’t
But could they be wrong?