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ITIL Writing Journey

I see it published
My moment of pride steps back
Waiting for critiques

Indy Film Spark

The voice of one’s life
Uncovered through years of craft
This is why I write

Groupthink Writing

They focused on words
“More adjectives will add strength”
Better nouns, perchance?

Sleepy Night, Again

Read about writing
I doze off before placing
Pen to paper. Crime!

Swing and a Miss

Words placed on paper
Thrash on the page while the thought
Dances uncaptured

Trend Data

I tag some blog posts
I see a really bad trend
Too much work, where’s life?

Annual Reviews

The sections get filled
But we struggled with the form
And just wrote our thoughts

Format Remediation

It never looked good
But I kept posting haikus
Fixed with one quick change

Reading the Past

When I read older
Works, I am in awe of their
Fit in today’s world

Art in Business

Bored with data bits
Now draw the compelling plot
And they will jump in