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Annual Reset

Birthday traditions
A walk, writing, people time
I set new targets

Decades Later

Failed writing cursive
Skill last seen decades ago
The nuns are dismayed

Monday’s Slump

Monday in rare form
Started with muscle torture
Ends with bad writing

Parallel Sources

Birthday call to mom
Talked books, cooking, and writing
Sounded like we prepped

Educational Aftermath

Teachers of writing
Spark or shatter their students
Whose voice is now mute?

Writing Battle

Daily haiku bumped
For a college essay draft
Parent duty wins

ITIL Writing Journey

I see it published
My moment of pride steps back
Waiting for critiques

Resolution Stumble

Just a few days in
I missed my daily haiku
It won’t be my last

Daily Snapshot Revival

During a slight break
Each day’s story falls silent
My pen tries to wake

Night Writing

Under the lone light
I grab my handy notebook
Let my shy words speak