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Work Travel Karma

One general rule
Is that workshops end early
As flights are delayed

Sign of Life

Ailing Uptown mall
Sports a hidden cocktail bar
Quaint, artsy retreat

Weekend Gateway

Friday’s little dip
Slips us into the weekend
Leaves the clock behind

Enemy Lines

Drinks with the traitor
Discussed great books and choices
Gone but for how long?

Trapped in History

Second try at lights
One hundred-year-old wire web
Thrown towels pile up

Travel Mishap

My pre-check was gone

I won’t recover

Anguished through security

Computer Woes

My tech turned on me
Stole my imagined free time
Where things would get done

Bird Performance Art

Birds tell their story
To hushed houses and still streets
Our cats claim front row

Three Delays

Rescheduled again
Laundry but a memory
Saved by staying home

Wisconsin Visit

We visit parents
And sit across their garage
Count masks on the drive