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Remote Bar Hopping

He toured Seattle’s
Cocktail scene while I joined in
Via texts and pix

The Show…

Happy hour went on
A few dropped out and the rest
Used their night out pass

Local IT Peeps

My history walked
Through the event – I slowed down
To shrink the time gap

Time Capsule

Years ago we taped
Friday night on the screen porch
Listen – we stopped time

Time Lapse

Seven months had passed
We picked up where we left off
Enjoying tangents

Our Usual Place

Catching up on life
Over drinks, then earring racks
Another year starts

Living Desert Zoo

Animals did well
We fried under the heat but
In-n-Out refreshed

Lounge Day

I hazy, weather clear
We lounged by the pool and chilled
Regroup in progress

New Location

Mission style house
Replaced with modern design
They moved but same vibe

Flat Day

Similar stories
But from different angles
Then we changed our views