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Thursday’s Story

A friend’s work delay
Filled with another friend’s angst
Then a mayor chat

Next Generation Pioneer

Her awards fanned out
As my high school friends catchup
Now she’s alumni

Dinner at Matt and Holly’s

The”coffee udder”
Snared our relentless chatter
Visuals and all

Conversation Cliffhanger

You recently dropped
Your fresh marriage proposal
Mention dating first?

St. Paul Perch

We walked down the hill
Soaking in St. Paul’s skyline
Then joined friends inside

Remote Bar Hopping

He toured Seattle’s
Cocktail scene while I joined in
Via texts and pix

Vacation from Reality

In California
Caught up like we were at home
Without life’s constraints

Resume Chat

On the doorbell’s buzz
We hit play on our last chat
Such a drawn-out pause

Remodel School

With our kitchen gone
We feast on our friends’ wisdom
Of when they were us

Moving Call

“Traffic is insane”
He agreed and then he waved
Our call continued