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Next Generation Pioneer

Her awards fanned out
As my high school friends catchup
Now she’s alumni

High School Parent Conferences

It’s conference time
Freshman teachers coach the kids
Senior ones arm them

Virtual Parenting

Our school’s parent night
Last year, social classroom sprints
Now we click Zoom links

Bad Parenting Call

Thinking they’d be home
We skipped shopping for new clothes
Maybe new masks count

College Search 2020

Emails and meetings
Fill the rising senior’s days
Remote college hunt

Walking the Walk

A new 4th-grade job
Prompted him to try coffee
He deemed it “too weak”

Lower School Science Fair

The school’s trifold maze
Commanded by mustached kids
Armed with facts and charts

Defying Fall’s March

Entrenched in their rooms
The kids try to thwart time’s trek
En route to school start

Fall Concert

Children’s voices sing
The somber words of adults
That mutes youthful vim

School Shopping 2014

The scorching summer
Waits until school shopping starts
It’s a backwards year