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Book Fiend

With my free moments
I catch up with Tolstoy’s friends
Freeze tag game with words

Time Travel Made Easy

I spied on Russia
Witnessed formal yesteryear
Thanks to Tolstoy’s pen

Reading Evolution

I put books on shelves
Shocked that a few past darlings
Now provoke a cringe

Opportune Tidbit

In search of a spark
A book recommendation
Is lobbed from a friend

Sleep Aid

I learned in school that
Shakespeare’s plays lull me to sleep
Sweltry night life skill

Please Hold

“Just a few minutes”
A worn fib I feign before
I grab my Kindle

Paths to Education

Einstein’s shiny nose
People rub it to get smart
Do they read his books?

The Ulysses Adventure

Its flow pulled me in
I gripped the inflated words
Swirled through churned musings

Ulysses Progess

I lose my footing
As I turn pages, word s swirl
Meaning floats away

Book Barricade

Stuck at home, no car
Protected from winter’s blitz
I read Ulysses