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Walking the Walk

A new 4th-grade job
Prompted him to try coffee
He deemed it “too weak”

Claire’s – 30 Years Later

We used to shop there
Loaded up on cheap earrings
Now it’s our girls’s turn

Lake Harriet Revisited

Years ago, I walked
Thinking I was grown up, now
I grasp that I’m not

Lessons and Laundry

New skills acquired
Remains of the week are cleaned
Sunday’s time reclaimed

Judging Sleep

Three and a half hours
Not enough at forty-three
But it was worth it

Reflective Listening

Journey to my youth
Pain of dating rejection
Streaking from her eyes


The kids’s rooms grow up
Teachers push them to new turf
Toys slowly go poof

High School Friends

We meet at the mall
Today was the city’s turn
And we brought our girls