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January Mini-thaw

Winter’s chill returns
Naively, I wanted spring
To declare the win

Minnesota Spring Walk

A rotting pumpkin
Remnant from autumn’s attire
Buried by winter

Snow, Next Day

The enchanting snow
Turned evil on unplowed streets
Plow’s scrape captivates

Muted Holiday Ramp-up

Eerie December
Work mutes the upcoming break
It’s quiet and dark

Snowstorm Surprise

Warnings alert us
To the night’s silent snowfall
Sleep makes us forget

Birthday Snow Delay

Snow and ice flew in
For my mom’s seventy-fifth
And kept us at bay

Mid-April Walk

Stumble over snow
Just to take an April walk
Why won’t winter leave?

April Show Showers

Not sure why the snow
Thinks it can stop by after
Winter said “all done”

Nature’s April Fool’s

The sun’s trickery:
Dazzling rays grin while winter
Surfs the frozen air


Take that boiling water!

Water in Snow