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Minneapolis March

Heard on Hennepin
Like a snow globe, it won’t stop
Winter is winning

Phoenix to Minneapolis

Reading on the plane
Knowing the cold and chaos
Are perched for attack

Minneapolis Normal

Locked garage at night
3 AM – big door pummelled
Car glass covers floor

Minneapolis Winter Choices

Traffic calming gloats
With bike lanes plowed and empty
Car lanes shrink instead

Perfect Minneapolis Weather

Snagged margaritas
On a stretched-out urban hike
As Eat Street leaves plunge

Minneapolis Question

I wonder why most
Minneapolis protests
End up in Uptown

Anniversary in Minneapolis

Twenty two years past
We toast at New York Times fave
A few blocks from home

2021 Moderation

Fix cops, don’t defund
Minneapolis voted
Council power pruned

City Council’s Plan

One in the morning
We awake to squealing tires
Uptown’s alarm clock

Minneapolis Reset

Council candidates
Sell their utopian views
I want practical