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New Year’s Pattern

Every darn year
As New Year raps on the door
Frantic donations

Christmas Sounds

Outside is silent
Life moves inside for a day
Gift wrap rips, time slows

Strategic Placement

The dainty branches
Scared by oodles of doodads
Let’s play tree Jenga

December’s Obstacle Course

Life dishes out chores
As the tree patiently waits
I ache for free time

Balmy Christmas Tree Shopping

It’s above freezing
So we stroll though tree options
Not rushed by winter

Thanksgiving 2014

Fine family day
Then snuck out for drinks with friends
Wisconsin chaser

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Lure of Thanksgiving
A snowy commute hurdle
Empty office waits

R and R Rift

Back from Portland’s spell
But not quite Turkey Day yet
Working is futile

Back to Normal

After Christmas break
And two days too cold for school
Bus door ends our lull

Christmas Clean Up

Needles clutched the tree
Until touched then they tumbled
The tree said all done