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2022 (Re)Start

The New Year’s clean slate
Entices me to a list
I copy last year’s

Holiday Card

Our year on one-page
It’s my annual challenge
Let’s change it up

Holiday Test

An online invite
With a grammatical flub
Mangles Mother’s Day


Our second Easter
Under COVID’s taxing rule
Light cracks the darkness

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Yesterday’s main thought
Never, ever eat again
Caved by mid-morning

Thanksgiving 2020

With COVID out there
We hunkered down and scratch-cooked
Tackled Mom’s menu

Holiday Rules

Thanksgiving for four
It’s a 2020 thing
You know, saving lives

Mother’s Day 2020

Their file disappeared
But I heard as they wrote it
This mom’s perfect gift

Holiday Clean-up

The mismatched boxes
Conceal our holiday sprawl
Until next year’s cheer

January Reality

Now it’s salad time
Holiday gluttony ends
Not without taunting