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Pacing with Perching Cat

As I took work calls
The cat perched on my shoulder
Misses college girl

Thursday in September

With a food truck near
We grabbed tacos, sat outside
And lured in a friend

Seasonal Disturbances

As it gets colder
The cats play their little game
“How can we disrupt?”

End of Summer Panic

A social Tuesday
Brings me back to random friends
Grateful for my peeps

Blocking Progress

They sever the road
To cut off their new neighbors
Small town Wisconsin

Back to HS Dinners

At the same table
We sat at decades ago
Our topics still drift

Saturday Night in September

Armed with a sweatshirt
We fight off a good night’s sleep
Under backyard lights

In Support of Mandates

Sick of pandering
To conspiracy theories
Just get the damn shot

Elections Matter

Life before Bender
Uptown was safe and vibrant
Now mostly empty

All the Weather

Rain picked its targets
The sun grabbed a seat and watched
A rainbow joined in