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Educational Aftermath

Teachers of writing
Spark or shatter their students
Whose voice is now mute?

VP Selection

The Kamala pick
Is like a toasty blanket
During a fierce storm

Writing Battle

Daily haiku bumped
For a college essay draft
Parent duty wins

Looming Move

Sadness draped our yards
Spurred by a school zoning change
Breaks up our commune

Sunday’s Games

Sunday’s sales pitch works
Never mentioning Monday
Who feasts off the trap

Middle School Purge

Book littered hallway
Middle school purge for what’s next
A few books were read

Vacation Insight

After a week off
I discern I crave free time
Must it be shortchanged?

Teen’s Room Redo

A rearranged room
Sets stage for perspective change
Onward to high school

Optional Responsiblities

Duties strewn aside
Census, elections, COVID
For his non-stop cons


Our destination
In Darwin, Minnesota
One mammoth twine ball