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Pacing Dinner Words

A dinner delay
Invite for non-stop critiques
No shame in silence

Top of the Seats

Our sound booth visit
As the last few years emerge
His final school play

Hubby’s Birthday

Passed the birthday torch
He hushed the day with meetings
Must block that next time


A day filled with words
Looped stories and confessions
Storytime, it’s not

We Wait

The hidden seams stretch
As the outside looks the same
We wait for what’s next

Dinner Switch

Our dinner routine
Skipped for sequenced dinners
The food waits for rounds


A pained car good-bye
Twenty years with “the old guy”
We’ll miss our stalwart

Sunday’s Route

Wedged between errands
A random drop-in refreshed
Need more days like this

Spring 2024

The backyard opens
When the sun usurped the sky
Cats take their perches

Life Checkpoint

At fifty-five years
Life has beat down some lessons
Friends and happy first