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Growing Up

College kid at home
Chokes the clock for more friend time
Parents get the scraps

Back to Work

We enter their maze
Where cheese is sliced, moved, and nabbed
And we still chase it

Memorial Day Weekend 2023

The weekend winds down
We made some task list progress
But the clock made more

Sushi Class

He claimed the title
An avocado master
Midst of the lesson

Summer Break Thwarted

Lounged in the backyard
Then I recalled the grad gift
Logistics game starts

Birthday Gift

We etch memories
With the people that matter
That should be the goal

Guest Timing

My goal of a home
When close friends show up early
And you don’t notice

Calendar Shock

Thirteen-minute sprint
From workout to video
Must look at schedule

Annual Plant Shopping

Picked out garden plants
That only our mailman sees
And he will not judge

Weekly Menu Planning

Dislikes, allergies
Leave water on our menu
Families are fun