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Defiant Tree

Our contorted tree
Branches missing and sprawling
Resisted the lights

Shopping Attempt

Holiday shopping
Fighting supplies and site speed
Also, couch and drinks

Democracy by Party

Watching Walker speak
Makes me fear the dim voters
Who let cults dictate

Decorating Delay

The tree looks naked
Waiting for lights to arrive
The cats guard and wait

Pending Holidays

My vision slaughtered
Card typos, order snafus
Can we just rewind?

A Writer

After years of “good”
Semicolons, precise words
His voice finds the page

Tree Shopping 2022

December second
Early tree shopping, we thought
Then the sparse lots grinned

Birthday at College

Our girl turns twenty
Reality slaps her day
Expectations hide

November Ends

Knowing it gets steep
December braces to chase
The year marching off

Tuesday Game

I wake with blind spots
Part amnesia, part naive
The wicked day waits