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Criminal Insight

Trump’s conspiracy
A well documented coup
Hidden facts now freed

Out of Sync

The jagged edges
Popped up amongst the chaos
Time to grab some light

Parallel Sources

Birthday call to mom
Talked books, cooking, and writing
Sounded like we prepped

Winter Obsession

Do my books see me
Studying puzzle pieces
Instead of their words?


Meeting Adam Schiff
With his calm, humble insight
He pens history

Sunday Morning

Couch, coffee and books
Silence of others sleeping
My day can start now

Birthday Gifts

Had a gift idea
And quickly saw a missed step
Inventory first

Girls Day Out

We trekked through the snow
To walk through an empty mall
Charmed by books and chairs

The Science Fight

I am befuddled
We have measures to be safe
Some fight them, but why?

Angry at Science

Requiring vaccines
To protect staff and their guests
Should not hit a nerve