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Sleep, Please

Kitty cat alarm
Gran plan with squirrels and birds
I wake up, he sleeps

Life’s Basics During Chaos

The world is rumbling
With guilt, I note no laundry
For twenty-three days

Politics in June 2020

Powerful protests
Bring Republican silence
Afeared of mean tweets

1st Ammendment Attack

Trump concocts his scourge
Hunkered down in his bunker
Or Putin’s orders?

Minneapolis Protests Continued

Late on a Sunday
Glued to screens, ear to window
It’s our sixth night

Protests 5th Night

Fifth precinct hushes
We watch TV and listen
As copters circle

Riot Night #4

Our post office breached
The protest marches closer
No cops anywhere

Narcissist President

The President whines
About Twitter checking facts
My city in flames

Minneapolis Riots

Pandemic persists
As Minneapolis burns
Murderers walk free

Bird Performance Art

Birds tell their story
To hushed houses and still streets
Our cats claim front row