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Not Backyard

Rain pushed us inside
Where cat allergies blossomed
We watched guests struggle

Rainy August

Spring and fall collide
Storms on chilly August nights
Summer steps aside

Perks of City LIfe

We pop between yards
Leap into conversations
Summer in Uptown

Fell for It

Monday jumped into
The blender to mask its plans
Left a funky taste

Kitchen Time

If food is homemade
Do we get a time credit
Since the clock sped up

Rewound the Clock

The air chilled, sun slept
We dug up old kid movies
Felt like time travel

Author Attacked

His books drove their fear
A Shakespearean stabbing
His words stand firm

New Complaint

Backyard lights bother
Neighbors whose bedroom faces
The opposite way

Hints in the Air

The night darkness creeps
Makes the calendar futile
I can feel fall’s march

August Politics

A fraction of votes
In my district’s primaries
Pick November’s wins