Monthly Archives: April 2022


Cooking plan in hand
An obstacle course pops up
We caved, picked pizza

Silly Plans

Walk into Friday
With my grand catch-up docket
Then the clock played games

Trapped in History

Second try at lights
One hundred-year-old wire web
Thrown towels pile up

Covid Won’t Leave

His positive test
Forced my focus on counting
Test lines and timelines

Roadside Attraction

On my way to write
Then found Memories albums
Apple distractions

Billionaire Toy Shopping

With “facts” in dispute
Twitter hands over its keys
To untried rich guy

Weekly Facetime

She’s back at campus
And traced her steps through New York
Must hide jealously

Saturday Project

Wiring plaster maze
Solved by our DIY friend
Now light fixtures beam

Finish and End

During house projects
We pause cooking and cleaning
Then the project ends

Peak Painting Project

Trapped on our first floor
Built dodgy cat barriers
We wait for dry paint