Monthly Archives: May 2022

Tuesday Post Holiday

Kept up with work texts
During drinks and bar lessons
Snuck in chit chat too

College Kid Returns

She’s back from college
She and our house have evolved
Choppy re-entry

Summer Arrives

The cold and rain leaves
But drags in the heat and bugs
Why does spring hate us?


We pulled scads of weeds
Then witnessed a weed-free yard
Very far from ours

Work Transition

Queued agendas flow
Hours later, life raised its hand
The weekend begins

Their Educational Vision

More guns, fewer doors
Burning books, screaming parents
Republican schools

His Career Choice

Going to miss our
Topic jumping one on ones
But not going far

Another School

The pro-life party
Assault rifles over kids
Owned by gun lobby

Kid Learns a Lesson

Leave two days later
American Airlines declares
Let your plans be damned

On a Mission

Marked up calendar
Our summer days were stolen
But we will road trip