Monthly Archives: August 2021

Safety Ballot Issue

Our council plays
Their Minneapolis games
Why not governance?

Facetime from Brandeis

The clock stepped aside
And thirteen hundred miles hid
Her college start shared

New Pace

A quiet dinner
Ended a slow-paced weekend
Will work play this game?

Free Time

Saturday slowed down
I dove straight into my books
Wiped off the dust first

2021 Discourse

As I watch the news
There’s critiques but no ideas
America summed up

Thursday Plans

The day played a trick
Talked big but then switched the plan
Hi margarita

Computer Woes

My tech turned on me
Stole my imagined free time
Where things would get done

Vacation’s Harsh Stop

Landed just in time
For his cross country practice
School starts tomorrow

College Drop-off

We drove to Brandeis
Left our oldest at her dorm
Where her own path starts

Bonus Move-in Day

With storm winds outside
She clipped photos to string lights
Merged past with what’s next