Monthly Archives: July 2021

Family Shopping Returns

Snacks launched into cart
Family stroll through Target
We missed impulse buys

Return to Social

Friday night with friends
Sharing backyard nosh and drinks
Perfect weekend start

Local Sports News

Minnesota sports
A gold medal and draft pick
Fly-over state wins


Can air be that bad?
As the quality flashed red
I went in to breathe

Standing Up

Watching Simone Biles
Saying “no” for her own health
Gives my choices light

Another Week

Monday rewinds steps
And plunks me down back at start
Lugging last week’s muck

Olympic Traditions

Looping life question
Does watching the Olympics
Count as a workout

Family College Prep

We wandered the mall
With our forgotten second
A new cadence sprung

Chased Away

July’s little trick
Sneak in scorching sticky air
Stealing outside time

Thursday’s Gift

The day ends outside
With critter and city chirps
Happy Friday Eve!