Monthly Archives: March 2024

Easter 2024

A day of cooking
With a few new challenges
The day skedaddled

Trip Retrospective

Was it Greece I liked
Or was it family time
So rare at this point


Friday night cocktails
Celebrates the cherished point
Where the clock hushes

Meeting Entertainment

Vague meeting invite
Clearer than his twisted words
He wabbles, we don’t

Vacation Ends

Return to work day
Dabbled in email, templates
After sleepless day

Goodbye Maddie

Home from a long trip
Numbed to hear my dog niece passed
Goodbye, my sweet friend

Spring Break Goodbye

The schedule was known
But saying goodbye still stings
Two month clock starts now

Art with Commentary

The art comes alive
Through simple audio blurbs
No one else exists

Day Choices

We called it a day
Lounging beat out quest for new
Was it age or sloth?

Tripping over Cats

Without agenda
We straggle around corners
Meeting gobs of cats