Monthly Archives: October 2023

Minnesota Halloween

New Halloween game
We try to guess the costumes
Being blocked by coats

Person Applying

Stitching the story
In college applications
A life on the page

Bad Estimate

Ten-day stool repair
Is closing in on a month
I miss our lounge space

Saturday Lounging

If the sun sleeps in
There’s no choice but to follow
Just being polite

Time DMZ

Weekend starting line
A five o’clock martini
Silences the week 

Change of Plans

Happy hour in view
But mail and a call blocks it
Life plays unkind games

Chaos Prediction

Speaker of the House
Following the MAGA play
No need to govern

Trump’s Day

Trump the puppeteer
Pulls current GOP strings
As his lawyers cave

Republican Work Ethic

They skip work daily
Weeks now without a speaker
Who elected them?

Cooking Snafus

Well worn recipes
Assert themselves as toilsome
Humbly, I retreat