Monthly Archives: November 2021


With the house emptied
My cat and I watch the fire
I nix my night’s plans

Tick Tock

People are lined up
Cashing in on store closing
I pause at the change

Break is Over

Our airport drop-off
Like other college parents
Wait for next visit

Backard in November

The boy played with fire
With temps hovering freezing
Our weekend winds down

Free Day

A day with no clock
I drifted without guardrails
More days like this, please

Holidays Return

Our Thanksgiving meal
With the whole group in one room
Paused the outside world

Kid Heads Home

Our airport journey
Slowed by a highway stalemate
College kid awaits

Anything left?

Kitchen Window leaves
My cooking journey partner
Massive Uptown loss


While reading Shakespeare
The cats put on their own play
And cast me in it

Anniversary in Minneapolis

Twenty two years past
We toast at New York Times fave
A few blocks from home