Monthly Archives: December 2021

2021 Says Goodbye

The glum year exits
But as a final FU
Takes our Betty White

To Our Surpirse

After our turmoil
Adam Schiff comes to Uptown
Regrounding with books


Keeping traditions
With some modifications
Our year two challenge

The Challenge

December routine
Imagine the improved me
Catch it with paper

Real Life Dramedy

The universe schemes
And decides what games to play
From afar, I watch

The Day After

After the hubbub
We retreat to our corners
Quietly regroup

Christmas Morning

Knee deep in paper
After a frenzied Christmas
Finish line glory

Holiday Transformation

Christmas Eve dinner
Holiday evolution
Kids prep then clean up

Shopping Strategy

Worth the alarm clock
To avoid Christmas shoppers
Then we found some friends

2021 Covid Turn

We are testing more
As the virus plots its course
It’s a covid race