Monthly Archives: October 2021

Halloween Visitors

Candy bowl, our net
Draws in small kids in disguise
While the teens just beg

Culinary Challenge

New recipe night
A lonely perk of covid
Cooking out food in


Media reports
Polling more than policy
So who educates?

Progress, Pshaw

Just two senators
Stop popular policies
Chase money instead

A Year Worth of Data

The doctor listened
Had a plan for the next steps
A rare trait, I found

Karma Gone Awry

I watch my husband
Navigate each day’s landmines
The breakage echoes

Policy, Please

Political texts
With their compelling sound bites
Until they’re questioned

Double Date

Live jazz filled the room
Thanks to vaccine proof and tests
Sent me back in time

Backyard in Fall

Set the stage for months
But tonight around the fire
A spring thought, now real


Can we do better?
I wonder when I eat out
This time, clearly, no