Shots in Ems

Vaccine stories spread
The hunt, drives, and side effects
Then we wait some more

Marital Moment

My lame tech advice
With my middle school soundtrack
Appears to annoy

Break from Routine

Skipped dinner tonight
While the family scattered
Felt like younger me


Our second Easter
Under COVID’s taxing rule
Light cracks the darkness

Scene Change

Minnesota spring
Seeing your neighbors outside
Without their shovels

Spring Break 2021

My three days off work
With COVID and college tasks
Hardly a recharge

The Vaccine Hunt

The vaccine spotter
Rabidly hitting refresh
Pondering road trips

Pandemic Spring Break

We packed up some games
And drove three miles from our home
To a swanky suite

Spring Break 2021

Tuesday is better
When it acts like a Friday
Reprieve from routine

College Visit

Two jump on a plane
First night in over a year
That we’re not all home