Bury the Week

Time must asunder
After the week’s vile antics
Give us the weekend

Routine Missed

A day of meetings
Forced me to decline the call
Travel routine spurned

Air Travel Blips

Morning flight to home
Next family flight at one
Contagious delays

Work Trip Overnight Detour

Flying in circles
Chicago to MSP
End up in Green Bay

Shoe Trust Broken

The cute new shoes struck
Rubbing blisters left and right 
And still got gate checked

Last High School Event

Last’s graduation
They prepped him well for college
Loved it, but it’s time

Senior Tributes

The three grad speeches
One found herself, one lectured
One led a bold plea

Friday Lesson

Most Fridays at home
After dinner out, we learned
Not to leave the couch

History Grabs a Pen

Yes, justice does work
Even for a washed-up pres
Our laws do matter

Kid Crisis Saga

One more sneak attack
Our oldest leads the mad charge
Grad school step one due