Thanksgiving Break Ends

As we dropped her off
The winds started whooshing east
Cats started moping

Short Trip Home

My cooking challenge
Fit in the college kid’s asks
In a few short days

Game Night Winners

Moved from game to game
Without declaring winners
Quite sure I won most

Cooking Snafu

Mise en place failure
Early Thanksgiving morning
And we’re still married

Pre-holiday Shopping

Non-stop catch-up talk
As we meandered the mall
And shopped for what’s next

Two Kids, Schedule Collision

Synchronous kid asks
Surprise band concert for one
Next, an early flight


Twenty-four years past
With bumps, wins, jolts, pets, kids, life
Always together

Neighbors Return

Little boys visit
They promptly ask for pancakes
Just like years ago

Fun Aside

No kids in the house
Perfect for a play day date
But the deadlines haunt


We watched him watch them
As he hands the sound tech keys
To the younger kids