Revised Principles

Republican games
It’s their own Cirque du Soleil
Contorting for praise

2020 Continues

This year is wretched
Pandemic, crime, RBG
Why is there no end?


The sign is dug in
The clean and staged house now waits
For a glum good-bye

Real Life vs. TV

The scandals each day
Make the biggest West Wing plots
Seem quite vanilla

Tick Tock

Neighbor boys visits
Will too soon come to an end
When they move away

Special Trump Rules

Crammed indoor rally
Giving COVID a playground
So the crook can rant

Political Phone Survey

A Trump-world survey
Each question cooked up and skewed
Lies formed as questions

Just Houses Away

Twenty years later
We caught up with our neighbors
Saw their house renewed

Friday Foiled

Laid-back Friday planned
With coveted white space gaps
But then the phone rang

COVID Spread

It’s now September
And testing requires symptoms
What are the real counts?