Monthly Archives: May 2024

Friday Lesson

Most Fridays at home
After dinner out, we learned
Not to leave the couch

History Grabs a Pen

Yes, justice does work
Even for a washed-up pres
Our laws do matter

Kid Crisis Saga

One more sneak attack
Our oldest leads the mad charge
Grad school step one due

Grad Week Kickoff

Return from shopping
Where grad gown and iron wait
Bedtime floats away

Memorial Day 2024

The weekend packs up
Hides a few items and leaves
We brace for grad month

Overdue Task

Our empty wall space
Waits for us to pick artwork
We swirl in choices

Fair in May

Impromptu state fair
Treat for an out-of-town guest
Food on sticks sampler

Check – Senior Year

Last day of high school
While watching others emote
He walks out content

Bugginess Starts

First mosquito slap
And no they weren’t invited
Summer closes in

Work Off-site Catchup

An off-site meeting
Work talk better with cocktails
Or was it RACIs?