Monthly Archives: January 2024

The Brutal Wait

Hours before dinner
The cats crow, patrol, and scowl
Failed internal clocks

Parking Milestone

Parking gymnastics
In a tight irksome alley
One more kid milestone

Monday’s Race

Work grabbed daylight hours
As the week kept up its sprint
I watched time vanish

Catching Up Across Continents

First FaceTime from Greece
All week, followed texts and posts
Today, scenes fill in

Saturday Sushi Stop

Our free time wait ends
Snuck in a happy hour stop
Splendid errand break

Prep? Pshaw

Charm of the drop-in
Where the chaos finds a friend
Embrace the “as is”

Thursday’s Pace

Work rollercoaster
Stopped for a rambling dinner
Brace for one more day

Cat Wins

We chat, the cat plots
A stealth theft of chicken bones
Slinks off with a leg

App Gap

I want a new app
Mimics social media
But just for a few

Travel Complete

Our day went quiet
When she landed in Athens
First challenge complete