Monthly Archives: January 2023

Work Time

It is the moment
When you can connect past lines
And rules step aside

Work In Real Life

Our years of sparring

Through a virtual work life

Is same in real life

Minneapolis Normal

Locked garage at night
3 AM – big door pummelled
Car glass covers floor

Saturday Surpise

Cats had a surprise
An afternoon visitor
Who they brushed aside

Awry Friday

Friday finish lane
With our prized people scattered
Feels like abstract art

Tide Changes

Day drags yesterday
Until the moment it passed
And problems vanished

Future Replacement

The cat skipped her naps
So she could shadow my work
Training plan’s first step

Spheres Collide

The universe nods
With parallel appointments
Where is the magnet?

Russian Plots

It feels like TV
FBI ties to Russia
But it’s real life

Minneapolis Winter Choices

Traffic calming gloats
With bike lanes plowed and empty
Car lanes shrink instead